Friday, August 19, 2011

Automated Macro Miner Bots in EVE Online - These Eve Mining Bots really do fill your EVE wallet with billions of ISK on Autopilot...

EVE Online mining bots and you, what does it all mean and more importantly can you join the party? It's basically when you use a program (usually called a bot) to mine on auto pilot instead of manually grinding the asteroids. It's a delicate subject for sure... Don't even mention it to all the veteran players you see flying around in their shiny expensive ships. They tend to get pretty ticked off about it. They already have all the nice toys and believe that they somewhat "earned" their riches by putting in countless hours late at night.

That's certainly understandable but there are two sides to every coin. Here's my take on the matter. One of the most addictive aspects of EVE Online is that there are so many things to do at any given time. Being a new player I felt very much overwhelmed by the multitude of choices and I knew I could never afford to buy any of the better, shinier toys that are so readily available to seasoned veterans. I am totally hooked up on playing EVE Online but having a job and a family will never allow me to spend all night mining asteroids.

I don't have the time to play all day long so I need to make the most out of my short gaming sessions. Mining asteroids is just not my cup of tea. I want to fly the nicer tech 2 or faction ships and I don't want them to look like they've been equipped in a Chinese workshop either. Faction or deadspace modules cost a pretty penny not to mention that the skillbooks required to use them are not exactly cheap either! And of course if you want to really take advantage of all possibilities you absolutely need to rig your ship as well.

My first fun ship, about 150 mil, and BOOM, I'm taken out by some pirate after 15 minutes of flying around. One of the same a-holes that bitches and whines about macro miners because he "earned" his crap. Hmm, not so much fun for me. HOURS upon HOURS of mining, trading, missioning, whatever, wasted with my new ship left in a heaping wreck by some butt wipe... I thought the game was supposed to be fun?

So my solution to have some fun was to use a clever EVE Online mining bot to get some cash to buy a new ship. I'm not attempting to dominate the game. I simply want to have fun playing EVE Online. Surely that isn't too much to ask? There will always be macro haters out there. The local chat channel in Jita is choke full of scammers who try to take advantage of tired players hoping they won't notice that extra zero on their contract prices. I don't see the macro haters complaining about them! Besides my ISK is just as good as everybody else's.

A fair word of warning though, should you decide to invest in an EVE Online mining bot. Most of the macro's out there are absolute rubbish. Most of the time they need you to learn tedious cryptic macro commands to make them do what they are supposed to do out of the box and in the end they are still full of bugs and crash all the time. I found one EVE Online mining bot, only one, that I was very impressed with though. And amazingly enough its price tag was way below what the other subpar programs were charging. It works right out of the box, no code, no fuss, it just fattens your ISK wallet without ever complaining.

It has some awesome features like mining drones, defensive modules activation on damage detection, local chat monitor for hostiles, chat log monitor for specified keywords, POS mining and lots more. It even works in wormholes by monitoring the onboard scanner for any changes! Also the gate mining feature comes in handy for those systems choke full of juicy asteroids but no station to unload in. The email notification feature is the cherry on top! I was pleasantly surprised that it even had a warp-to-zero hauler that could transport or pickup anything I wanted over countless star gate jumps.

The guys who make it never miss an update. After any EVE patch or major expansion they release an update for their EVE mining bot the very next day and it's always free for existing customers! Also their customer support is unparalleled using a ticket based support desk, incredibly useful forums board, instant messengers and email. It's without a doubt the only real working option out there in terms of EVE Online mining bots and with its fully functional trial version it's impossible to go wrong!

Please no more emails! I wasn't going to put a link to the EVE mining bot here because I didn't want to get hammered by the haters, but I got too many emails asking which one it was so here it is: TinyMiner!